Coupons for Baking, Kid stuff, Snacks, and more!!!

I hope you will share!

Whole bunch of coupons to share today! Some misc ones along with baking, kids stuff, and snack ones!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

$1.00 off one Brawny 8 Giant Roll or Larger $1.00 off any ONE Delimex Taquitos Frozen Snack $0.50 off any ONE (1) Bagel Bites Frozen Product$1.00 off ONE Secret Clear Gel Deodorant $1.00 off ONE Secret Stick or Body Spray$1.50 off ONE Tide Detergent 40oz or larger $1.00 off ONE Old Spice Antiperspirant/Deodorant $2.00 off ONE Swiffer Starter Kit$2.00 off ONE Secret Clinical Deodorant

5 Kid Stuff

$0.75 off 2 select kid Yoplait yogurts, any flavor $1.00 off any ONE Suave Kids Hair or Body Wash $0.50 off ONE Crest Kids Toothpaste

Don’t leave yet there are a ton more! Readoon!!!

$0.50 off Crest Kids Oral-B Manual Toothbrush $0.75 off ONE Aussie Kids Product $3.00 off Brilliant Basics™ Corn Popper Toy

9 Baking

$0.50 off ONE Original Bisquick Baking Mix $0.50 off (1) Betty Crocker­™ Hershey's™ Bar Mix $0.50 off Betty Crocker Create 'n' Bake Cookie Mix$1.00 off any Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies $0.50 off any Fiber One™ Soft-Baked Cookies $0.75 off TWO COBBLESTONE Breads, Buns or Rolls$2.00 off on C&H Sugar & 2 SURE•JELL Pectins $1.00 off (1) Canyon Bakehouse Baked Item $1.00 off any Schar Gluten-Free Product

17 Snack Coupons 

$0.50 off TWO Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks $1.00 off TWO (2) Mott's 6-pk Applesauce cups $0.50 off (1) any flavor Fiber One™ Meal Bar$0.75 off THREE PACKAGES Totino's™ Rolls Snacks $0.50 off ONE BOX any Nature Valley Granola Bars $0.75 off flavor/variety Cascadian Farm product$0.75 off ONE variety of Food Should Taste Good $0.75 off TWO LARABAR™ RENOLA™ pouches $0.50 off any Fiber One™ Soft-Baked Cookies$0.50 off one box Fiber One Chewy bars product $0.50 off any one Fiber One™ Streusel Bars $0.50 off TWO Chex Mix™ or Bugles™ Corn Snacks$0.75 off ONE (1) PLANTERS Peanuts $1.00 off any one SnackWell's Product $1.00 off (1) PLANTERS NUT•rition Product$1.00 off one (1) ZonePerfect Multipack $1.00 off JET-PUFFED, HONEY MAID, and HERSHEY's

All coupons are shared by escalate network. This blogger is paid to share them with it’s readers

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I LUV Sharing!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Thank you for sharing these coupons.

  2. wow! thats a lot of coupons!

  3. Nuresha Perera says:

    great . plus thanks

  4. Lecia Lance says:

    Hmmm, which ones should i print tonight?

  5. olla says:

    great coupons

  6. laurie damrose says:

    Lots of great coupons to work with!thanks

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