Daughter trying to revert back, oh no she won’t!

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I blogged about how we got our daughter to stop sleeping with us and it has been successful for a while, here is that post in case you are interested, http://btrbb.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-plan-to-stop-my-4-year-old-from.html

We have a a bed free of a four year old since this day but the last couple nights she has cried herself to sleep in her bed because she wants to be in ours. I have not given in, which has been hard, but I feel like a horrible Mom when she cries herself to sleep.

We know that if we let her back in our bed we will be stuck at square 1 again and we just can’t go there. I hope this passes quickly when she figures out we aren’t going to give in.

We wish that we could just cuddle with her while she is sleeping every now and then and not have it lead to a nightly episode. We both kind of miss her in our bed for that reason, but it is nice to have our alone time too. Such a hard decision!

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2 Responses to Daughter trying to revert back, oh no she won’t!

  1. tawna6988 says:

    Caramel I feel your pain, and I know it is tough, the best I can give for advice is persistence is the key. It sucks but is nice to have our bed back!

    Good luck!

  2. Caramel Cutie says:

    This past week I have been trying to get my 2yr old son out of my bed. He will go to sleep but wake up in the middle of the night and hop back in my bed. It's so hard to tell him no with his cute sleepy face. I know how you feel.

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