Day 4 ice skating

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UntitledToday was not really a rest day, but a rest day from my workout DVDs. We have our daughter in ice skating lessons and she goes once a week. Hay, she is half Canadian, as I was born there, so you know my kids have to eventually learn how to ice skate!

Anyways, we decided after her lesson that we would take the kiddos to the open skate.

Wow…I used to be so good on skates and I could go for the whole 2-hour session with no problem. I sure did not remember how many feet and thigh muscles were used to skate…I felt everyone of them.

I made it about 40 minutes and my hubby was close to the same. I think he may have went about 10-15 minutes more. My daughter did not stop. Even after a 30-minute class she when almost the full 90 minutes we were there. She did awesome.

So my day 5 was fun with the family on skates. I got a good workout and we got to bond as a family…perfect!

With rest days and alternate workout days…these 40 workout discs will definitely last me longer then 40-days. No problem there, it least I am being active efvery day!

See you for day 6.

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