Day 5 & 6 of 40 day+ workout!

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UntitledSince the kiddos had been sick for nearly 5-days, my workouts had taken a turn for the worst…meaning they were MIA for those days. On a good note (2 good notes) the kids are better so I can workout again AND I found a couple more workout DVD packs so I think now I have over 45 workout DVDs…that is a good thing. I should not get bored, LOL

Day 5’s workout was with Jillian Michaels again. She is tough as nails but that woman knows how to get results. She is definitely not for the sensitive type. I do lover her workouts and today she did it again…kicked my butt.

So today I worked out with Banish Fat Boost Metabolism by Jillian Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.

First thing I loved about this workout is that I had options from the main DVD menu. It allows you to just hit play and do it all or you can choose your circuit. If you go into choose circuit then a list of things to choose from come up. So I guess, when you get used to the workout, and may be pressed for time, then you can pick whatever circuit you want to do and then go on your way.

The nice thing for me, next time, is that I now know which circuits use the arms and shoulders the most, and since my injury is still inflamed I will be able to select the workouts, quickly, that don’t hurt.

Day 6 was Turbo Jam “burn” Turbo Jam: Calorie-Blasting Cardio, Kickboxing, Body-Sculpting Workout DVD ProgramThis is from the original Turbo Jam series that came out in the early 200’s. This is from the workout that escalated my at home workouts int he first place. It is my go to workout and one of my absolute favorite workouts to do. I have danced a lot in the past and a little now so this workout is right up my alley…dancey and fun!

It did hurt the shoulder a bit doing all those punches. What I did is when it started to hurt, I kept my arms bent in front, like a guard position, and just moved my torso back and forth. I could feel my abs burn and I monitored my heart rate as well. I will still in my target heart rate so this worked. I did get to do some of the arms though. I just switched it up when I needed too.

So even though it has taken me about a week to get day 5 and 6 workouts in, I still feel great! When the kids are sick, you got to take care of them. Thank goodness my kids are hardly sick, so these short hiccups, in my workout plan will not totally kill my results!

Have a wonderful day!




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