Day 5 on day 8 or 9….

I hope you will share!

Well I would be telling you an untruth if I said I was on day 8 today…I am still trying to get through day 5. This is all part of the process and life get’s in the way. My kids have been sick and I have had lack of sleep and cuddly kids. If I have to choose between hugging my sick kids or working out the kids are going to win.

Oh I will get day 5 done…I won’t quit. If I were to quit I would still be 70 more pounds over weight. I am a reality queen. My reality is that I have a family…my workouts will get delayed sometimes. But my overall health depends on me and my attitude. So what if it takes me 3-5 days to do day 5…I will do it!

The thing to remember is that there are more non delayed days then delayed ones. As long as I don’t start making my own excuses, when the kids are healthy, then I will stay on track!

Have w wonderful day!

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I LUV Sharing!

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