Debbie Meyer’s Green Bag review…

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I decided to try Debbie Meyer’s Green bags because I was sick and tired of my fruits and vegetables spoiling before I got a chance to use them.
My review:

I totally LOVE them for vegetable, they are great. The vegetables last at least the entire 2 weeks between pay checks and I love that they stay fresh. I do not like them for avocados though and I will explain as it is for the same reason I will no longer use the bags for my fruits.

Why do I dislike them for my fruits? There is something that the bag is made out of that actually seems to get into the taste of the fruits and it is nasty. I bought avocados, tomatoes, and pretty much every other type of fruit and they all have the same “bag” taste to them. I love bananas but not when they come out of the green bag. It only takes about ½ a day for the taste to get in there too.

It does not seem to be there when you cook the vegetables so that is why I still use them for anything that I will eventually cook. I have also noticed that the lettuce does not seem to pick up the nasty bag taste so I use them for my lettuce as well. It seems to only be bad with the fruits.

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