Direct TV Now Review

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and came back two or three hours later and season 5 is gone. When I went to DirecTV now Facebook and messaged why it was gone nobody can tell me. Season 1 through 4 were there but not season 5. I just looked again today and it’s been like 4 or 5 days and it still gone. Now I know that Netflix and Hulu delete shows all the time but this show is not deleted just to 5th season that was on there while I was catching up on season 4. I physically saw it on the app because I was trying to catch up so I could be on season 5. Update. Today I logged in and every season and episode are gone except for season one episode one.

Lastly for me. If I’m paying $40 a month for this TV app on my phone why are there shows that I can’t watch because I’m not subscribed? I’m not even sure what that means because if I’m giving you money shouldn’t I be subscribed? So I’m not paying the $10 a month and I’m not able to watch everything because I’m not subscribed… That in itself is just frustrating enough to cancel it. You know the $10 a month might seem cheap but when I have a $240 phone bill for two phones they’re making enough money off me to give me this app for $10 a month, and it should be an app that works.

So DirecTV now you need to watch Netflix through their app a little bit more and see how easy it is to watch shows through them and why they are so popular. There’s only been a small handful of times in the 10 plus years I’ve had Netflix that I have ever had to find where I was in a season or an episode because it keeps track very well and their interface doesn’t suck.

So time to find something else to do besides watch TV on DirecTV now. That is not a bad thing actually I got better things to do, I just really like to have these apps while I’m on the treadmill or working out because sometimes I get bored with music and it doesn’t keep me distracted enough.

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