Do People really watch Survivor BEFORE they go on it?

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So my question is…..Do the contestants really watch Survivor before they go on it? This may seem like a dumb question but I have quit watching this show for one very specific reason and it has to do with the contestants.
If you have watched or do watch the show then you get the “just” of it right? People make alliances and people get “screwed!” This is the way it is. You cannot win a million dollars without breaking alliances and stabbing people in the back. Hello… is common knowledge.

So the thing that drive me NUTS about this show is that there are still contestants that get offended and peeved off and down right nasty because they got stabbed in the back from an alliance. OK, so have they not watched the show before. Isn’t this the whole premise of the show?

I used to watch this show and after season 5 I was so sick and tired of hearing all the stupid whining I just stopped. My hsuband watches it and I have not watched it with him until the finale last night when Boston Rob finally won. Thank goodness he did because hoestly his personalitty drives me nutty. I may not like him but do strongly believe he desreerved to win the money. He played the game….period!

So my whole point is…if you are going to go on this show then shut-up the whining and expect to get screwed a few times on the show, it happens!

I liked the lawyer guy who simply said to the jury that Rob played the game and deserved to win, end of story. He did not have any questions for the last 3 contestants and did not whine about being voted off. He gets it.

OK there is my soap box for a minute. I feel better now. I told my husband that he was on his own again for this show. I don’t need to see anymore half naked women running around complaining that people are mean.

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  1. Clayton Thomas says:

    I guess I'd whine too if I got screwed out of $1,000,000 even if I deserved it. Your point is well taken though!


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