Do you want it in the beginning or not at all?

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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

MEN…If you are not going to keep it up, then don’t do it, in the beginning. What am I talking about? Many things actually.Let me step back for a minute. I got into this “talk” with my husband this past week. What inspired the conversation was the phone call he gave me earlier this week and he said to me…”do you want me to put gas in the cat before I come home, the car needs it?” OK so let me set the stage. It is 29 degrees outside and on the day he called we had also had 4 inches of snow. “DUH!” Yes put gas in the damn car, your in it now fill it! I don’t know how many times, since we have been married he has brought the stupid car home without gas in it, and I mean GAS LIGHT ON! OK so here is my plea to all married AND single men out there…

open door

MS Word Clipart

If you are not going to continue to warm up our cars, open doors, bring the car home with gas, bring us a flower or chocolates every now and then, then please DO NOT do it when you are dating a woman. That way we will it least know what to expect when we marry you.Seriously. I got used to a tank of gas, the car getting warm, my car door being opened, and a flower, even a single flower, just every now and then and now after almost 10-years…close to nothing! Now he asks me if he wants me to put gas in…really?

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

OK so let me paint another picture. I HATE the cold, like most women. My husband is packing on a good 50 extra pounds of weight and complains all the time that he is hot. So who do you think would bitch less about putting gas in the car at 29 degrees? Plus he is driving the damn gas out, not me. I can guarantee that his work car, that is sitting in front of the house, has a nice full tank of gas. It’s the family car that get’s driven on the weekends that he runs out…go figure.So women…do you agree or disagree with me? Would you rather have it in the beginning and then lose it or would you rather not have it at all and not expect it?

My vote is, don’t get me used to it and then take it away once you have us either in bed or the ring onthe finger.

Peace out!

Happy first day of the year!

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3 Responses to Do you want it in the beginning or not at all?

  1. Kasee Johnson says:

    I just had this same discussion with my husband!! I told him that I want an annulment — after 12 years of marriage and 3 children together — because I married him based on false pretenses. I thought he had good manners (No, it’s never ok to fart at the dinner table!), was kind and courteous to everyone, and actually knew how to clean up after himself. HE led me to believe these things. Then, WHAM! I learn what the “real” man is like. *shaking my head* And he seems to get worse as he gets older. Why is that?

  2. Sam H. says:

    OMG, I couldn’t have said it better myself! It is SO true! We will be married 16 years next month, and he never does anything anymore! He used to write me poetry or a nice love note at least once a week, and now…nothing. He used to give me backrubs, pick flowers, all sorts of stuff. And now, I think his attitude is “I have her, so I don’t need to do anything to keep her”! Frustrating! I feel your pain. And when I do say something to him about not getting me flowers anymore, or something to that extent, he will show up the next day with them. That doesn’t count. It wasn’t HIS idea. Ugh. Men. Gotta love them!

  3. My Hubs always puts the gas in our car. I don’t remember how anymore. Plus… I don’t think he has changed since we got married…. but I think I am the one who changed. I think I bitch more than I used to.

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