Don’t leave the dog food open!

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My 6-year old daughter has the job of feeding the dog. She does not have a lot of jobs around the house yet but she does have to feed the animals twice a day. It is actually a job she enjoys…mostly.

We keep the dog food int he garage and she has to scoop the food into the dogs bowl, in the garage, and then feed the dog in the back.

This may seem like a drama free task, but today it was not so drama free…I bought new food and I had too much to fit in our big plastic food holder. The reason is that I buy one large bag of the expensive food and one medium bag of the cheaper food and mix it together. I had a bit left over so I left the bag sitting next to the plastic holder.

I guess she decided to scoop out of the bag and we heard this blood curdling SCREAM!

My husband and I were in the house and she cam screaming in the house…”MOUSE, MOUSE!” WHAT? There was a dead mouse in the dog food bag. GROSS! Thanks goodness my husband was home as I did not have to see it as he got rid of it.

What happened is that the zipper on the top of the bag was not sealing properly and I knew that. I just left it anyway and a few days later we had a dead mouse. Lesson learned on my part. So after the bag was mouse free I crumpled it up and placed it on a higher shelf.

My poor daughter is horrified and now I am sure I will be feeding the dog for awhile until she  forget about the mouse! I am just glad it was dead. Oh my gosh could you even imagine her response if it was live?!!!!!

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