Don’t put eggs on the varnished table!

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Well I learned my lesson the hard way today for sure.
We went without a coffee table for 6 years because there are very expensive and when you have small kids you don’t want to spend lots of money on furniture, it gets ruined…right?
Well Mommy ruined this table, not the kids.
We found this table on craigslist for $20 and it really was a nice sturdy table and we were lucky to find it.  I love having a coffee table, it was something I missed not having every day we did not have one.
My sons likes to eat his breakfast in the morning, out of his chair, so I decided to forgo the plate and put his eggs on the table. I noticed later that there were these little white spots all over it, and not it is not his milk! Look….
Those spots are not going away. Whatever is in the eggs eats at the finish on the table and now it is permanently like this.
The WORST part is that my son ate the eggs and you know that whatever is off the table ended on the egg right? Argh, I feel like a horrible Mom. Pretty much just fed my son varnish. Lesson learned, won’t do it again!
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One Response to Don’t put eggs on the varnished table!

  1. John says:

    I have a dining table, somewhat diff., it’s darker wood and polish. Well, I think it’s because eggs were hot/warm. Lots of people ruined their wooden furniture by putting hot stuff on it. Even double folded towels sometimes are not enough.

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