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Well I know for a fact that I cannot avoid all which is good So as far as the eating plan goes this is what I will do.

DIET is not a bad word. I am not “going” on a diet, but rather “modifying” my diet. I can eat healthy and still feel satisfied.


There are specific guidelines nutritionists say to follow when eating.

50%of your diet from CHO (carbohydrates) half of those come from grains the other half from simple CHO like fruts and vegetables.

30% from fat. 10% of that 30 is the bad fat “saturated.” You can definitely eat a lot less than 10% and be fine.

The other 20% can go two ways. You can either up your CHO 10% and eat 10% protein or you can eat 20% protein. I opt for the 20% definitely. Protein is a good way to build muscle and you need it so I personally do not believe that 10% is enough for most people. Now there are exceptions to every rule but if you are healthy and do not have other sorts of diseases or disorders 20% is good.

My plan:

Well I can kind of visualize portions etc now because I have been doing it for so long. I am not going to stop eating everything with taste either. Moderation is the key when it comes to eating.

Some things I will consider:

• 1 potion only at meal time (excludes Christmas, thanksgivings, new years etc) we can’t take all the fun out of the holidays BUT.. I will not eat left-overs after these days.

• Limiting the amount of sauces and gravies on food. Some sauce is good but do not need the “little food with my sauce” theory. How about a little sauce with the food.

• Dinner is at 6-6:30. No eating after this. We do make popcorn at night with the family, but we make it on the stove and I put very very little butter and salt on mine. A couple times a week I will keep the popcorn.

• Soda, only on PMS days. No need for it, even diet soda can cause weight gain.


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2 Responses to Eating plan….

  1. tawna6988 says:

    Well caffeine itself will not cause weight gain but flavored coffees can add a lot of sugar and extra calories. Caffeine is actually a diuretic and can cause some emotional problems like, nervousness and insomnia. So your black coffee or a little sweetener is fine but you may want to lay off a lot of coffee because of other symptoms that may develop.

    Our bodies also get used to things and we need more for the same effect. So when we re not feeling awake anymore with the 1-2 cups that we drink in the morning this can turn into 3-4 etc and thus getting way too much caffeine in our system. You just have to monitor yourself and see if you see any negative effect.

  2. Janet says:

    Skipping soda because of calories or caffeine? I'm a coffee addict…does that affect anything? I switched to half-caff. and even drink it black (no sugar.) Just wondering…

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