Emotional battle can be harder than the physical…

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I am a firm believer that stress can also be a big inhibitor on weight loss. I know for a fact that I tend to add on an extra 5-10 pounds of weight just by stressing out, especially about my weight. I also think that I would be losing my weight a little faster if I could get over my mental fight with my body.

Some things I am going to try and do better:

• Quit beating myself up if I have a bad day with food or exercise. I know that every day cannot be a perfect days and life happens. I can get back on the wagon the next day. If I let myself get too frustrated and upset about a little mishap than this can turn into what I like to call a “negative fountain” and this will overflow into the rest of the week and then month, etc and then I have to start from scratch again. If I can stop that fountain at day one and get back on track then it never has to overflow the rest of my goal and I can keep on the right track.

• Quit comparing myself to every other skinny woman I see every day. I do this a lot and this is a big killer for me. I need to remember that I am one person and one day I will have other woman looking at me and wishing they could be healthy like me too.

• Quit social eating. I need to start planning ahead if I know that I am going to be somewhere that is going to be a temptation to eat a lot of bad food. One thing I can do is maybe eating a healthy meal before I go to that gathering that is going to have a lot of bad food. Then maybe I won’t snack so much on the bad food and just have 1 or 2 small snacks that won’t take a whole 5 days to work off later. Then maybe I won’t beat myself up so bad for having a binging night if I don’t go out hungry.

• Quit feeling guilty about saying “NO.” I tend feel guilty when I have to constantly say no to bad foods when people ask but I have been doing better. It is funny and sad that this actually has to be a problem. It is strange that we think that we need to constantly feed people for them to be happy in our house right? I think that as a society it would be nice if we did not gear everything we do around food. This would probably help a lot of us lose weight if we did not eat socially all the time.

These are just a few things that I can think of right now, so this is where I will start.

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