Feeling tired and not motivated today but won’t let it stop me!

I hope you will share!

If you follow my other blogs at all you will know that my son has been the sleepless monkey for the last couple weeks and I feel tired! I have been still working out though but it is hard.

He was leaning in for a kiss on this picture, hence the funny look, how can I let that get me down? I can’t. I will prevail. I will have energy today and I will work out! I can’t stop now, I have too much into this to let my head win today!

He is not getting a nap today so hopefully he sleeps all night and Mommy will feel good tomorrow. It least it is Kenpo today, one of my absolute favorite work outs so that helps.
I have noticed with P90X, even though there is a strict schedule, it won’t kill me to  go off the schedule now and then. Like yesterday, I was suppose to do Yoga (my least favorite and the longest workout) and being over tired I was not into it. I just switched up a couple days. This has worked a handful of times. I am still doing muscle confusion, I just may switch up my week to accommodate my mood. So today is Kenpo and I will do Yoga, that I missed yesterday maybe tomorrow or keep it for Friday if it takes a couple nights to feel good again.
Have a great day everyone!
Thanks for stopping by and reading! If you weren’t I’d just be writing for myself and that is not nearly as fun!
If you ever have questions about Beachbody or want to make a purchase and I have motivated you in any way, my hope is that you will visit my page to get your information or purchase:) Thanks!
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I LUV Sharing!

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5 Responses to Feeling tired and not motivated today but won’t let it stop me!

  1. Terry says:

    How cute he is Tawana….. what a little sweetheart.

  2. Chigger Hill Cottage says:

    Love your blog! I have just got on board with the healthier life style myself! Usually on Mondays I put a healthy "discovery" on my blog! Visit my blog again, scroll down, you'll find I drink NAKED! LOL! Good for you on living healthy. I tell my friends, I'm not on a diet, I made a lifestyle change! ūüėÄ

  3. tawna6988 says:

    That is awesome! Congrats on the 45 pounds that is huge! My biggest obstacle is my head. If I do't positive self-talk myself to death then I don't take the weight off and keep it off!

  4. Kimberley says:

    Good morning! Thanks for following, following you back. Nice blog! I need to take you lead on this and stop finding excuses to not workout. Lost 45lbs., but it's creeping back on and that just can't happen!


  5. The Fickle Nickle says:

    Following you back! I look forward to your future posts:)

    PS- Your son is too adorable!

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