Fighting the PMS urge to eat today…

I hope you will share!

Fighting today and half winning and half losing. I want chocolate and steak today and that is killing me.

I have been pretty good not eating all day long but I have given into a nice steak for lunch and a whole caramel candy bar I bought from a fund raising event. I would feel guiltier but it was so incredibly good I can’t feel that guilty yet. I am glad these PMS cravings only last like 1-2 days because it is killing me.

I am not going to kill myself today for giving in a bit as I have been on a very good track for a long time and it is OK to cheat a bit and give in every now and then. This way we don’t want to binge all the time because we are not totally depriving ourselves of guilty pleasures.

I can’t wait till tomorrow so these cravings will pass. It is funny how incredibly hard it is to ignore them.

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