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I gained 14 pounds of my weight back because I had this massive pain in my neck and shoulder. It was so bad that I could not even do cardio workouts because it would give me shooting pains in my back and neck.

I even spent over $500 at the chiropractor, which gave me some relief, but it was not permanent. I was a mess. After almost losing 80 pounds, putting 14 of that back on, really added a big negative depression in my life. I needed to find relief and I could not find it at doctor.

I started researching Amazon and read around 500 reviews, over a months time. I was initially looking for stop snoring pillows for the hubby, which I am still looking for, but in buying a pillow for him, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. I found this contour neck pillow on Amazon. PREMIUM QUALITY - Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow - Luxurious Washable Cover, STANDARD SIZE - by elementsIt was the cheapest one I could buy because I did not want to go through a returning hassle and figured if I “ate” the cost because it was not good for snoring, then it least I would not be out a ton of money. I liked this one too because it came with a cover as some of the more expensive ones would have been more money and then additional for the cover. I wanted a cover to go with my pillow case.

I pulled the pillow out when I got it and kept it in the plastic to try it out. I gave it to the hubby and he lay on it and first thing he says is “way too hard, but I will try anything.” This standard size pillow is really small too and after about 3 nights, it did not only NOT stop the snoring but was too small for him and he hated it. I felt defeated. I then thought…well let me try the pillow.

The first night I was not ecstatic about it at all. It kind of hurt my ear to lay on my side, as the memory foam is harder then I would like, but I toughed it out for about a week and the weirdest thing…my pain in my shoulder and neck started to not feel so bad. In fact I did not realize that until after a few days. The only change I made was this little hard, memory foam pillow. Huh.

After a few weeks I got used to the hard foam but went on the lookout for one; a bigger pillow for the hubby, and two, a softer pillow for me, that kept the contour for the neck and shoulders. We went to SAMS Club on a whim one day and ran into this serta pillow Serta Memory Foam Contour Pillow - Standard Sizefor the same price as the above pillow. We bought one for the hubby as it is bigger then the first one I bought and much softer. Plus we had 30 days to try it or we could take it back. I told him that if he didin’t like it then I would use it. It is bigger, but if I used the lower of the two sides, then it fits my head perfectly. Even though it is soft it is not so soft that the it causes the neck to slouch too much and not keep it in line.

This pillow rocks and we both use it to be pain free. I wish I would have ran across that first on Amazon because it is actually cheaper, on amazon, not SAMS, then he first one, but for some reason I just did not see it the first time. Oh well.

I wish this pillow worked for the hubby’s snoring but we have both felt great as far as back and neck pain, so that is a plus and worth every penny. Now that I found my solution, now I am back to finding the perfect non snoring pillow for the hubby!

If you have neck and back pain and have not been able to relieve it, I would highly recommend trying out a pillow like this…love it!

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