Food Revolution is BACK! WHIHOO!!

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I am so excited because Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is back!

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I love this show and I hope that he helps change our government issued crap food to food we can actually pronounce!
I watching this season (only have seen episode 1) and I am thinking WT….LA pull your head out.

If you have nto seen this yet than head over to ABC and watch! I can’t believe how they are pushing him away. We have an “obesity epidemic” and the superintendent and all his little buddies are acting like there is not problem with the food in our kid’s schools? Are you kidding me? Have you seen the processed crap we are feeding our kids? Have they not got the clue that Type 2 diabetes is no long called “adult onset!” Why…well, kids as young as age 5 are getting Type 2 Diabetes! It is because of our stinking processed fast food. And we wonder why we have an ADHD epidemic in the US. I strongly believe that 90% of it is from lack of nutrition.  Not lack of food but lack of GOOD WHOLESOME NUTRITION!

This topic gets me so steamed up! Why would we, as US citizens, take this lying down and let the government feed our kids this crappy food?! This is just another very good reason why we need LESS government and more PEOPLE!

I hope Jamie does something good in LA and that it will trickle down to the rest of the states! If Jamie comes to Ohio I will be first in line to support him!


Peace everyone and happy eating!


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One Response to Food Revolution is BACK! WHIHOO!!

  1. Samantha says:

    I hadn't see this show before, but wow… I can't believe the things that pass for "food" in schools. It makes what I had growing up look like a gourmet meal.

    There's a teaching equivalent to the freshman 20. I brown-bagged it my first year because it was a little too expensive for me, but I knew a lot of teachers who gained from eating what the cafe had to offer. Even the healthy stuff is iffy sometimes.

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