FREE Huggies Rewards code and thanks AMAZON!

I hope you will share!

I got my box of diapers from Amazon today and am so excited. It only cost me $23.63 for 140 diapers. I swear, if you have not signed up for Amazon Mom yet, you need to. First off you get 15% of for choosing auto ship and then another 15% for being an Amazon Mom. This is a 30% discount and the diapers went down to .19 cents each! awesome!

Anyway, now down to business, here is the rewards code!


It does not always happen, but I love it when people actually let me know when they use the code. It  makes me feel good to know someone actually uses it!


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I LUV Sharing!

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4 Responses to FREE Huggies Rewards code and thanks AMAZON!

  1. tawna6988 says:

    That is because it is already gone, sorry you missed this one. Maybe the next one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I tried using this code but it wouldn't work. Kept telling me the code was incorrect. :o(

  3. Anonymous says:

    Used it! Thanks so much 🙂

  4. Terry says:

    No offense to any of you young Mothers…. but THANK GOD I don't have to do diapers any longer.

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