GC and CASGH Giveaway winners!

I hope you will share!

Wow that took awhile…but I finally got all three winners verified!!! It is surprising to me how long it takes to verify winners. I e-mailed 8 different people to get these 3 winners! Wow…

But now that I have my 3 winners I am not waiting any longer to congratulate them right now!

$50 GTC went to Megan R

$25 GC to Ron S

$10 Paypal CASH to Lisa L.

Congratulations! Thanks for entering!!!!

Let’s do another giveaway later!

Thanks to A-ZNutrients.com for hosting the giveaway!

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I LUV Sharing!

8 thoughts on “GC and CASGH Giveaway winners!

  1. i know i’ve missed out on one win because of an email that never came… and i’ve probably missed out on a few others that i don’t even know about. i check my mail at least once a day, but usually more – and i check all my spam before deleting it… and would recommend all giveaway entrants do the same – but it’s still not enough. i use gmail and it doesn’t permanently delete anything for at least 30 days and that one win i missed, i went through every single message that came in on the day they said they sent it (even ones that were in my trash or were marked spam) and i never got it.

    so yeah, sometimes the internet is just fail and doesn’t work right.

    sorry those other five people missed their win – perhaps phone number gathering would be preferable? i dunno.

    anyway, congrats to the winners. and thanks for the hard work you do on putting together the giveaways 🙂

  2. That’s true,it is hard to get in touch with them when they win something.

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