Generic paper towels versus Viva

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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

Let’s just say that I, as many others, try to save money at the store. I do by a lot of generic things and today I decided I would test the paper towels I have been buying.

I have two kinds of paper towels in my house. I have Viva Paper towels and a generic grocery brand. I have the Viva for smoothing out my butter cream cakes. The generic I buy for every day use. However, I think I am changing my tune on the generic towels.

I did my own experiment today.

I tackled all of my mirrors and glass that i typically clean with paper towels. That included three bathroom mirrors, one wall mirror, one free standing mirror, and the front door. A total of six items. cleaning collage

I first cleaned them with the Viva towels. It took two towels for all six things. Then I cleaned them with the generic towels and it took eight of them!

So which towel gives me more bang for my buck? Well I think that from now on I am buying Viva or a better brand name towel. The generic brand that was about $1 for the roll and sometimes only $0.89 cents actually has half the towels as Viva does.

Viva on left-Generic on right

Viva on left-Generic on right

So am i really saving with generic? I don’t think I am. Compare 2-8 towels and the fact that the roll for Viva is bigger. I believe I am actually losing money on the generic towels.

Happy cleaning!!!

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