Getting better

I hope you will share!

Well still don’t have the best news we could have this week as far as all the cancer surgery but I am feeling a bit less stressed about it.  Talking to my Aunt on the phone after she got home from her surgery helped as she seemed really chipper.  I have and still learn a lot from her.  She still has 2 spots “of melanoma left that they cannot take out and she is more positive then I am.  What does that say to me…buck up Tawna, she is still here to enjoy her and expect positive outcomes.” 

Have not had confirmation on the other 2 in a few days but I am not doing them any favors being so down about it right.  So now I try to send good vibes to all 3 and positive energy as they need all the positive energy they can get.  So here I go this week with all the positive energy I can give out and then some!

Here is to a great week.

Oh ya I bought lottery tickets, wonder if I won!

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I LUV Sharing!

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