Goddess Workout Day 1 PLUS measurements.

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UntitledToday was day one of my 40 workouts in 40 days and my first workout was the Goddess workoutGoddess Workout: The Warrior Goddess - Bellydance Beyond Basics. The woman in the workout is name Ophelia and she seems to be a pretty good belly dance guru. I am not and it was funny, but I could definitely feel the burn in my hips and abdomen during the workout.

I have danced before so it was easy for me to pick up. I said easy to pick up but not easy to do if that makes any sense. I have not had any belly dance lessons so the hip movement was hard. I got the “just” of it, but looked terribly funny doing it…lol

The shoulder is burning a bit now and not in a good way. I hope this subsides and does not turn into an ibuprofen day, so we will see. I took out the arms a lot and just focused on the abdomen, hips and thighs.

There is a “shimmy” part in the end and this woman can shimmy. Oh my lord, I don’t know how she does it. Then she adds some hip movement into her shimmy. I had not idea how to do that. Thanks goodness my 3-year old was entertained with his video game because I may have scared him a bit.

So, not my absolute favorite workout but it was good. I know this would tone the ans and hips if I did it more. Let’s see what tomorrow bring.

Oh and I jsut got back from the gym…hubby gave into 40 minutes on the elliptical. So double workout today!

OK now measurements. OMG!

Bust: 42

Under bust: 37

Waist: 43

Hips 46.5

Thigh: 26

Arm: 13

Wow I have gained some inches int he last few months…depressing. Ugh! OK happy place…I will lose them again!


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