Going home to a mountain of packed boxes

I hope you will share!

Brent got to come out and hang with us in Canada, Vegas and Utah for 2 weeks but had to go back to Ohio today. He did not have anymore time off work to be with us.

The kids and I have been on vacation since June 22nd so we are on week 5 now of our 6 week trip. It is a long trip but the only way we could afford to see my family in Utah, Idaho and Canada. Vegas was just for fun without kids.

We go home in 7 more days. I have enjoyed visiting my family but am ready to be home. The bummer is that I have to go home to a house full of boxes as Brent had to move us into our new rental house while I am gone. I am not looking forward to the mountain of boxes but at least he got everything moved.

Anyone want to come help me unpack August 4-8? I have a goal of Sunday the 8th to b totally unpacked. Here goes nothing!

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I LUV Sharing!

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