Had to break into my house!

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I was rushing out the door to get my daughter to dance and we had 40 minutes to drive 25 minutes so we were going to be early. We are never earl so i was happy we did not have to rush. I had the keys on the arm of the sofa and was taking things to the car…including the kids.

We all walked out the door and I locked it and closed it and, BAM, my keys were in the house on the sofa. Oh my hell! I dumped my purse and the extra key was not in there. I checked every window and they were all locked. I checked all doors and they were locked.

We have never given anyone an extra key and my landlord lives 45 minutes away and is out of town weekly. My husband was halfway to Cleveland so he was it least 90 minutes away…I was screwed.

I did have the garage door opening in my car so I opened it and found these tools and this is how I go into the house.

I was on the phone with my husband and we decided that the best plan was to break in through the dry wall. So that is what I did.

I hammered ths crap out of the wall til I got it to break. Then I found, what we call a saw saw, and I sawed away.

I had to use the screw driver to get through the second drywall, and it was hard! This is an old house and I swear that was not regular dry wall cuz it took me a few bumps and bruises to make a small enough hole to get the saw in there.

I did get the holes just big enough to fit my hand through and unlock the door. BAM we were golden.

We got our of the house and we were only 6 minutes late to dance. Now my husband has 2 holes to fix. They need to be perfect as we are in a rental, we got a lot of work to do, but we got in!!

I had neighbors walking by asking me if I was OK, I was, I was just in a really bad mood and  you know…it actually felt kind of good to beat the wall in with a hammer.

I did not hit any wood either so it should be an easy fix!

Hope you have a good one! Thanks for stopping by and the lesson of the day…hide a key or give one to a neighbor!


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2 Responses to Had to break into my house!

  1. Ixy says:

    Wow! I’m impressed by your determination…I would have stormed around crying and swearing under my breath with no idea what to do. The drywall demolition sounds like an excellent stress release though. Kind of makes me wish I had excuse to whack a hole in one of our walls too!

  2. Regina says:

    I can so relate to this. I have locked myself out of the house so many times, that my parents have a key to our house…and we have hidden a key to our house in the garage. I totally feel your pain.

    I hope the holes are an easy fix for your hubby.

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