Had to give my son an enema…HORRIBLE!!

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My son had not “pooped”in almost 3 weeks (well one worth while anyway) and it was getting bad. I took him to the doctor a couple of times and they finally said “give him an enema.” I was not looking forward to this but I had to do it, plus the poor little guy could not even sit in his highchair anymore so something had to be done. I tried extra fruit, juice, and even prunes and nothing would help.  We were worried that there was a blockage but thankfully there wasn’t, he just needed some help.
So I awaited my husband to come home because after I bought the enema there was not way I was going to give and 18 month old an enema by myself.

Let me tell you how horrible it was. I felt so bad. I laid him on his stomach over my legs in the bath while my husband inserted the enema. He screamed, and I don’t blame him. Then we had to literally hold it in for him, which was not fun. We then sat him on the little potty first and he would NOT let it go. He is used to a diaper so then we just sat him in the bath. It took awhile but he finally did and screamed the entire time. Oh it broke my heart!

The poor little guy finally did poop and he was happier in the long run and has pooped the last 3 days, “good!” He is sleeping through the night now (he was not when he was not pooping). I know we needed to do it, but it was so hard. But now we have a happy baby again!

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7 Responses to Had to give my son an enema…HORRIBLE!!

  1. Mary says:

    I feel you pain. We had a similiar problem with our 4 year old son. We tried everything and our pediatrican finally told us give him a good old fashioned, soapsuds enema. I asked about about the disposalbe type and our doctor told us that two small enemas with a bulb syringe (non fleet) one soapy, one plain water for a 3 to five day period should get the job done. It was rough but my mother-in-law and I got the job done. We used a 4 oz infant bulb syringe we got at the drugstore. It worked great and we have rarely had a problem since. Our son who is 12 now still occassionally suffers bouts of constipation, and when that happens for with no BM for more than 4 days, it is enema time. He cooperates fully now. We do watch his diet etc. and our doc told us he is just prone to constipation. Also, our son is on allergy meds and I believe these have a constipating effect on him. My point is we suffered and struggle and our son was so impacted it could have damaged him internally. We should have used the enema sooner and not as a last resort and we would have avoided a lot of drama and pain at our house.

    • Tawna says:

      Do you still have issues with your 4-year-old? I ask because this has become an ongoing problem for us. He jsut has a hard time “going.” I was wondering if your son has the same issues, how do you handle it?

      I only feed him whole grain carbohydrates. We eat fresh fruit, daily, and force the water. We eat healthy in this house and he is always having issues.

  2. tawna6988 says:

    My ki9ds are vegetable aholics, they eat them every day.

  3. enema says:

    try to give him some green vegitables for eat but if still its not working
    then must go for enema

  4. Not Your Ordinary Agent says:

    Gerber's pear juice always does the trick for my Oldest. Also, canned pears in pear juice. I put the juice in a sippy cup and she doesn't know the difference!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    awww, I feel your pain. We had to do this with my daughter. She pooped for hours, poor dear. Now we are on Miralax. I found fiber fruit gummies that help. I hope you never have to do that again. It's such a painful place to be. Like you I tried everything. My girl def had a blockage. Weeks of stuff blocked up.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
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  6. John says:

    Whenever our son has difficulty, we let him eat some papaya fruit. How old is your son? Three weeks is very long.. Papaya is very good in making their poop soft.

    Thanks for the follow, followed you back here.

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