Healing nicely from InterStim surgery part 2

I hope you will share!

My butt is feelling much better and I am able to even sleep on my back for a little while.  My bandage finally fell off and the scar is not very bad.

Just a little bit of clear tape on it and no infection so that is great.

I have had a few days where I have turned up the voltage 2 notches instead of only 1.  It has been consistently getting better but still small issues throughout the day so it has not been on a high enough setting. 

Go to the doctor Jan 10th for a check up and hope to have the setting perfected by then.  So far so good!

I wrote this post and saved it and then went to he Columbus zoo lights last night.  I accidentally ran into something and OUCH my incision is killing me.  It is still so sensitive.  I had to take one of my vicoden (sp?) it hurt so bad when I got home.  It is still really tender this morning.  I wonder how long this tenderness on my incision will last?  It sucks!

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2 Responses to Healing nicely from InterStim surgery part 2

  1. Beth says:

    I am on the second day of the interstim “test.” With exterior wires etc. I have stress incontinence and because of that I have conditioned my self to pee more often in order not to have a full bladder. This whole interstim thing makes me uncomfortable.

    Question: Do you have two interstim thingy-bobs, one for each side? And even though they are embedded, can you see or feel them? And can you still do yoga and stretching or does it restrict your movement?

    Thanks, Beth

    • Tawna says:

      I only have one insterstim and it’s in my left hip area. You can feel it for a while, like it is tender as hell for a few weeks. don’t hit your behind on anything or you will cry. After about 3-4 weeks it got a ton better. Now I don’t feel it at all. I did P90X within a month (started it) after having stage 2. The only thing that bothers me with exercise is rolling back on my hips so that part of Yoga and P90X I don’t do. I can do it, I just don’t like how it feels.
      I can see the scar area and you can feel it if you put your hand on the place where it is embedded but you won’t be able to see the actual device. I have had it for a year (Dec 7 2011) and I am not sure how much more the scar will go away. But I will take the hip scar over the other problems any day.
      Since Dec. I have done P90X and now doing turbo Fire and I don’t have any complaints except for the rolling on my hips in yoga.
      Ask me anything any time!
      Stage 2 is so much better. I hated stage one!

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