Helping others find their abundance too!

I hope you will share!

I got the most awesome comment the other day and I am so excited about it.

I started this blog for many reasons.  The biggest reason is for myself and my family. I need to be a happier and more positive person to be more to myself and to my family.  If you have been following you have noticed that I have been making changes and this positive law of attraction has been working.

I may struggle from time to time as this is a slow process but the fact is that I am in the process and that is the main point.

I opened up my blogger dashboard and saw I had a few comments to moderate and started doing that like I normally do every day.  Today was the day, I got that one comment that shot me onto cloud 9 and made my whole day and made me realize that I CAN and DO make a difference and when I don’t even know it.

A lovely reader has started her own blog and because of me!  She was inclined to watch The Secret movie and this got her pumped up and now she is also blogging her journey and I am so excited for her and to share that with you. Her blog is My Secret to Prosperity I have to confess that I like her title a lot better than mine but those are the breaks.

I hope you will head on over to her blog as well and start reading her journey from the beginning, as I will be too, and maybe this will help others get motivated to push to positive as well.

Have a lovely day! I am having an awesome one!
Thanks Angie!

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I LUV Sharing!

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  1. Danetta says:

    Hi! I'm visiting from your Blog & FB Roll group on Bloggy Moms.
    I am following all your blogs and liked you on Facebook.
    Thanks for creating a great group and wonderful blogs!

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