Hiding the vegetables so he will eat them!

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My son goes through stages and the other day he was going through an “only eat potatoes stage.” I was desperate to get some vegetables down his little belly and had a squash from my sister-in-law which I grilled and was determined to get him to eat it!

Of course the potato stage was going on to I had potatoes and decided that come heck or high water I was getting the vegetable down him so this is what I did.I cut up the squash very, very, small. I figured this would be a better vegetable to use, rather then a green one, as it will be harder to see inside the mashed potato.

I had to make sure it was oh so small, as he has gotten real good at picking out vegetables in the past. He is definitely a little munchkin!

I then mixed the two food together and smashed it up even more, after the fact, with the vegetable masher.

You can barely see the squash!

BTW…He at it all and asked for more! Of course I gave him more!

There have been so many times I have tried to hide food inside other food and I tell you…kids are good detectors! They find it! My daughter has gotten better and eats about everything but my son is a little food menace and he is a lot more picky!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and happy eating!


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  2. Hahahahaha…. sneaky!!! Good Job Mom!

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