Horrible two weeks can get better…it’s the simple things

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OK so the house was bought by the bank and we have 60 days. I am stressing with the time line because I am going to be gone almost all those 60 days and my husband will have to move us. I have almost exactly one week to pack our entire 2000 square foot house. So my positive thinking, per my last post, has been “sucking.”

However, I do have a new outlook and even though it feels like we are hitting rock bottom, I feel like I am going to bounce up before I skin t hose rocks. Reason…Not really sure but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Even though I was terribly busy packing today I did take time to do a craft with my 4 year old, which I do not do enough, and this made me relax and we had a good time. I posted pictures of her and the craft on my other blog:

The flowers we made turned out really cute and she is super excited which made me feel good.

Second thing that took my mind to a better place was my 9 ½ month old son. He is so cute and today he held his bottle for the first time. Yes I know, those of you that are not parents are thinking, “big deal.” But honestly it was a monumental moment of triumph and me and my husband actually smiled and laughed for the first time in just over 2 weeks. See here is the boy’s very first moment of the bottle holding moment

See what I have learned today is that even though my life seems to being going downhill fast, it is also climbing. There is a reason why we are sacrificing my income and moving into a smaller place and you are looking at one of them in the above picture of my beautiful son. The second reason (really they both tie for the first reason) is my wonderful daughter who is growing up into a beautiful young lady. This “crap” we are going through is going to be temporary and I am going to remind myself every day until it sinks in that this too shall pass.
We will not be like this forever, I know that. I get to go back to work in 4 years and with my degrees we will be better off financially and we will have peace of mind knowing that our kids know what we sacrificed to be a loving family. This is the choice that works best for us right now.  It may not be the best choice for every family but is for us and I am going to start accepting it. I am too tired to be depressed and upset about all the bad stuff anymore, it takes more energy to be depressed then it does to be happy.
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