House finally going up for Sheriffs sale…

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Well I have to be totally honest, we have been lucky so far. It has been 1 ½ years since we have made a house payment and our house is scheduled for Sheriff’s sale in June. It has been a rough 2 ½ years not knowing what is going on and us struggling with our medical bills and it seems that now it will come to an end.

We have had our house start and stop foreclosure, I believe, four times now. It has been stopped once because we filled bankruptcy and then started again, so that is twice, then stopped again in August when the first Sheriff sale was to be and then stopped again when the bank sent up papers to try and work out a deal. They lost the paper work that we sent 9 months ago and we had to resend them 2 weeks ago.

We got a letter today saying June is the Sheriff’s sale so this is number 4 and I am pretty sure the last time. Apparently they don’t want to work out a deal with us so we have to move.

The irony of it all is that I have plane tickets for me and the kids to go to UT and Canada for 6 weeks and if the house sells in June then we would have to be out before we are scheduled to fly back. My new hope, not to keep the house, but to have the house not sell in June and sell in July so we don’t have to move until August.

Our house needs at least $20,000 worth of work for someone to fix it up to sell or even live in it so they would have to get it cheap to make it worth it. The problem I see is that no one can come see it before they bid so they will not know that till too late.

I just ask everyone to pray for us that it does not sell in June and waits until July. Will keep you posted.

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