How about some new coupons today?!

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Here are a ton of coupons for you today! Enjoy!!!

$3.00 off AmLactin product, excludes travel size $1.00 off any two Healthy Balance™ juice drinks $0.30 off any Haribo product, 4 oz. or largerBuy 3 Hamburger Helper, get Free Ground Beef $1.00 off any THREE Kellogg's Cereals $0.75 off ONE Olay Hand & Body Lotion$2.00 off ONE Venus Razor $7.95 or higher $1.00 off ONE VetGuard Plus Flea & Tick Product $1.00 off ONE (1) Betsy Farms Jerky Dog Treats

Don’t go yet…read more for the rest, there are a lot!

$1.00 off any ONE (1) VetIQ Minties Product $1.00 off ONE (1) VetIQ Product $1.00 off ONE (1) VetIQ Hip & Joint Product$1.00 off any ONE (1) VetIQ Pill Treats Product $0.50 off Delightibles Gourment Cat Treats $3.00 off TWO GEVALIA Mocha Latte or Cappuccino's$1.00 off GEVALIA Mocha Latte or Cappuccino $1.00 off 1 12 fl oz Starbucks Refreshers beverage $1.50 off ONE Clairol Hair Color Product$1.50 off Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color $2.00 off ONE Vidal Sassoon Hair Color $2.00 off any L'Oreal Paris Preference Hair Color$0.50 off ONE Oral-B Toothbrush $1.00 off ONE Fixodent Adhesive 2 oz or larger $1.00 off ONE Crest BE Toothpaste 4.5 oz$2.00 off 1 Lip Clear Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment $1.00 off TWO Always Infinity or Always Liners $0.40 off ONE Always Infinity Pad$0.40 off ONE Always Liners 30ct or larger $0.75 off ONE Olay Body Wash or Bar Soap $2.00 off ONE Secret Antiperspirant/Deodorant$1.00 off Gillette Antiperspirant or Deodorant $1.00 off ONE ZzzQuil™ product $2.00 off ONE Align Product$4.00 off any one (1) Osteo Bi-Flex edge product $1.00 off any one (1) Alka-Seltzer Plus product $2.00 off ONE Prilosec OTC Product$0.75 off ONE Febreze product $0.75 off any two (2) TONY'S pizzas $1.00 off FIVE (5) Smart Ones Frozen Products$3.00 off Lords of Salem, Hatchet on Blu-ray $0.50 off ONE Bounce product $1.50 off any Triple Paste$2.00 off Pampers Cruisers Diapers and Wipes $1.50 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers $2.00 off Pampers Swaddlers Diapers and Wipes$1.00 off ONE Luvs Diapers $2.00 off Halloween Fun 4-pack on dvd $1.00 off ONE 4 oz or larger Old Wisconsin product$1.00 off ONE 8 oz. or larger Buddig Deli Cuts $1.00 off FIVE Buddig Original 2 oz $1.50 off any three John Morrell Products$0.55 off a package of Armour Pepperoni or Salami $0.65 off JOLLY TIME Healthy Pop Microwave Popcorn $1.00 off ANY ONE bottle of Nakano Rice Vinegar$1.00 off Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Melts Cookies $0.40 off any two Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls $1.00 off two Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough$0.40 off any 3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands $0.40 off 2 Pillsbury or Grands Sweet Rolls $0.50 off ONE BOX any flavor Fiber One™ Chewy Bars$1.00 off LARABAR, UBER OR ALT multipack $0.50 off TWO BOXES any Nature Valley Granola Bar $0.75 off Cascadian Farm product$1.00 off 2 Weight Watchers by Whitman's peg bags $0.50 off HARVEST SNAPS SNAPEA Crisps $1.00 off any four Progresso™ products$0.50 off any one Progresso Artisan Soup $1.00 off any one (1) carton of DOLE Garden Soup $0.40 off any 1 Campbell's Soups for Easy Cooking$1.00 off one pouch of Sunsweet Amazins $0.75 off Food Should Taste Good™ Tortilla Chips $0.50 off TWO Chex Mix$1.00 off ONE (1) Sunsweet Ones $0.50 off TWO BOXES Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes $0.55 off any ONE (1) Pure Via 40 Count Pack$0.55 off ONE bottle Holland House Cooking Wine $0.50 off ONE Bisquick Baking Mix or Pancake Mix $0.75 off 2 Betty Crocker Frosting or Cake Mix$1.00 off THREE BOXES Big G Cereals $0.75 off any ONE BOX Kix cereal $0.50 off ONE BOX Lucky Charms cereal$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal $0.75 off any one box Cocoa Puffs cereal $0.40 off SIX CUPS any variety Yoplait Yogurt$0.75 off TWO any Yoplait KIDZONE products $0.40 off any one Liberte Greek yogurt $0.25 off ONE HERSHEY'S Mix-Ins with Yoplait$0.75 off ONE (1) All Whites or Better'n Eggs $0.80 off any four Helper or Ultimate Helper $0.55 off one SeaPak product 8 oz. or larger$1.00 off any one Chili's frozen food product $1.00 off any Old El Paso™ Frozen Entrees $0.60 off any three Old El Paso products$0.30 off Old El Paso Refried Beans $2.00 off any ONE L'Oreal Paris Haircare Products

All coupons are shared with this blogger via exsalate network. This blogger is paid to share them with it’s readers.

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  1. Namrata says:

    That’s a lot of coupons!

  2. Hannah Pitts says:

    Thanks for the great coupons. There are a lot of these I could use.

  3. Hannah Pitts says:

    Thank you for sharing the great coupons! There are a lot of these that I could use!

  4. Nuresha Perera says:

    thanks for sharing

  5. krystel says:

    thanks for sharing

  6. Jenn Erin says:

    Wow more coupons! Thank you so much!

  7. Romanita Hughes says:

    These coupons just makes my trip to Giant Eagle that much easier.

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