How many more days Mom?!!!

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It stars just before Thanksgiving in our house, what about yours? You know…the “how many more days til Christmas Mom,” question.

It is when our children are young, and do not have a concept of time, that this question may be cute the first few times, but sure can get annoying after a few days of it.

I have learned that there are some tricks to helping your kids understand, time, and here is mine!CHAINS! I love paper chains! I have used them to get my daughter to quit sucking her thumb and to sleep in her own bed at night, they are awesome!

This chain is the “how many m ore days til Christmas chain!

Much cheaper then a store bought calendar and there are two because I have two kids. We did not want any fighting on who got to rip of the link every day so each child get’s one!

This way my 5-year-old counts herself, how many days til Christmas and I don’t have to be asked every day!

I would try it if you have young kids. It works for me!

Have a wonderful count down to the big day…well of course if you celebrate it and if not, stay warm and have a wonderful Holiday season!


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