I am featured in MIKA Magazine’s, First issue!!

I hope you will share!

This is MIKA magazine’s first issue and I am featured on TWO pages, so cool! You have to download it but it is FREE and safe. I just did and was looking for a paragraph or two of our interview and BAM 2 pages, wihhoo! I hope you will downland it and check it out! http://www.mikamagazine.com/ There is a magazine link and then you have to click on This issue and it takes you to the download. You have to have adobe reader and if you don’t they have a link for you to get it for free. I hope you will share this with all your friends for the mere reasons that I am excited about it! i get to feel special for the day!

Make sure you un-check the google toolbar when you hit download adobe reader if you don’t want it!

Sorry for those that follow on my multiple blogs as this is being posted on all 3 today!



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I LUV Sharing!

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