I didn’t know I was addicted!

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We are getting busier as our kids get older. I went from a career woman to a SAHM to a WAHM back to a career woman running my own business.  What I found when I went back to work is even though my time table shifted my social media habits didn’t. This never seems like an issue until you stop and evaluate how much time is spent on social media.

See my stack of papers here? STACK OF PAPERIt’s only gotten bigger and it’s not getting done. Of course I’m busier and time management is become more of a necessity but in all honesty, this pile would not be here if…I’d get off social media.

I did my own study with myself. I noticed that in my 8-hour workday I spent over 90 minutes a day scrolling through my news feeds on my social media accounts. Ouch! In 90 minutes I could have probably finished a good 1/4-1/3 of that stack of paperwork.

It doesn’t end there…

It’s an addiction!

I also noticed that I was reading my news feed at stop lights, grocery lines, before and after getting out of bed, dinner time and pretty much whenever I would look at my phone.  The number one worse time was while having conversations with friends and family.  I noticed myself picking up my phone right in the middle of someone else needing my attention, how rude and inconsiderate is that?! Also pretty selfish of myself as I am saying, without actual words, my news feed about what people had for dinner is more important than talking you.  What a jerk I have been.

So what is it that feeds this addiction?  Easy access to all this crap or some sort if need to feel, well, needed. Why do we think everyone wants to see our plate of food or hear our selfish rant about what kind of day we are having?  Then we turn around and get pissed off that there is no privacy anymore but…we are the ones taking our privacy away. 

So there you have it, my addiction. So what do I do? Do I blame everyone else or take the bull by the horns.  It’s my fault and I hate being tied to the Internet.  I’m no longer making social media important.  I run a couple business pages on Facebook. I’ll keep those and post 1-2 times a week but my year long resolution that starts today, and will NOT end in 2015 but rather permanently, is no more news feed. It’s time to get my life back.

Oh and since I started doing this another great thing happened. My phone battery nearly lasts all day now…seriously.  So all the bitching people do about cell phone batteries…try using your phone as an actual phone and see what happens.

One more side note about this social media addiction. It has more than likely cost me money. I am a business owner and my only employee. So wasting time on other people’s daily activities is costing me money as I am not paying enough attention to my own. Ya…I’m starting to learn how stupid social media really is. My blog posting that I put off for months while starting my business and surfing social media, well posting takes about 15-20 minutes of my day and actually lets me think and get a needed release from my stresses. Reading other people political rants on Facebook does not relieve stress. I am excited to not have to even read on news feed political rant in 2016 because me, myself, and I are done worrying about others and worrying more on how to better myself and my business!

Have a great day!

I love my readers to share their thoughts and comment. But, if you are only going to comment that my grammar is incorrect then keep it to yourself because honestly I really don’t care…lol!

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2 Responses to I didn’t know I was addicted!

  1. Dorothy Teel says:

    Sorry about your addiction )lol) seriously, people do use their devices a lot it is embarrassing to hear people in public restrooms using the phone while on the toilet, that to me is also addiction, I grew up in the age where the phone was for emergencies or simple conversation, and to get away from the phone calls at times had to leave the hous..lol thank you for sharing your post

    • admin says:

      There are so many days I wish we stil just had the home phone. If you weren’t home you could actually enjoy time away and who cares who called. I haven’t read a Facebook newsfeed since and I don’t miss it! Thanks for commenting.

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