I have a new appreciation for belly dancing…

I hope you will share!

I just finished a 33 minute belly dancing workout called, Belly dance Fitness for Beginners: Slim Down, with Veena and Neena. I got it from the library to try for free.  It is a belly dancing workout. I have to admit that when you watch belly dancing it does not seem hard at all but I have a new appreciation for it today.

You have to keep your arms up the whole time and you are constantly on the balls of your feet. I was sweating and my calf muscles and arm muscles were on fire! I could feel my heart rate increase and I feel really good. It was definitely a fun different workout and I am going to definitely do it again and try other videos.

Who knows Kami I may be belly dancing with you sooner than you think (once my stomach does not shake when I jump. lol

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I LUV Sharing!

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