InterStim and over worked muscles.

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contentSomething I have had issue with over the past 4-years of my InterStim have been when I over work my muscles I tend to feel more impulse where the Implant is.

We have been  moving for the last few weeks, well 2-months if you include all the packing time when I bend over to pack and ran boxes up and down stairs a million times.

My implant

is on my left hip and the more I walked the stairs the more I could feel muscle soreness and tension.

By the time we moved into our new house, which has an extra flight of stairs, my muscles from the implant all the way up to my left shoulder blade where killing me. It was to the point where it was feeling like a foot falling asleep but it was my entire left side. This has happened a handful of times before when I have overworked these muscles so I wasn’t scared I just knew it was time to turn the InterStim off for a little while or WAY down.

I can tell when I turn it off but, if I can deal with the OAB issues for a half of a day to 2-days then the muscle cramps subside and I can turn it back on or up and get back to normal. I have tried not altering it and seeing if it will just subside on it’s own but I haven’t been able to go more then 1-day because it truly hurts and inhibits what I can and can’t do so it goes off or down.

So down it is. I just pee more but oh well. It least I’m being a home body and just unpacking and there are 3 bathrooms in this new house…lol

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2 Responses to InterStim and over worked muscles.

  1. lola says:

    you feel better? movings are awful, even if you were ok before, you start having pains and problems
    it iis better to hire somebody and then “relax”

  2. laurie damrose says:

    Very interesting post,hope you are feeling better.

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