InterStim Dilemma

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I had a sling put in 3 years ago that took care a lot of the incontinence problems but still the OAB needs to be treated. At least I had a little bit of alleviation from the sling. Had this not been the case, it would have been a mess without having a doctor.

So, went to new doctor and of course my stem is the dinosaur version as I’ve had it for 7 years. Now I’ve got one or three options. 1. I remove it and let it go. 2. I go through a new trial and get it completely removed and put a new one in. 3. I replace the battery in this old one because it has 4 months of life left.

Now this doctor’s office seems a lot better than my other doctors office but you know I’m going on faith with that. How do I know they won’t drop my insurance in a day because right now everyone’s dropping my stupid insurance. So much for keeping your damn doctor. I haven’t had the same doctor in five years which is ridiculous. Mind you that is a doctor period. My primary care has changed so many times, I don’t even remember who is my primary right now. I have no damn choice who I see right now. So what do I do now?Feeling super lost right now and even more frustrated!

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