Is baptizing infants and small children the best time…

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Let me say first and foremost that everyone has their own opinion and I do not judge anyone that chooses to raise their kids the way they do and I am not criticizing anyone’s religious choice, I am rather making conversation about choice. It has been a question in my head/heart for many years and I am simply just blogging a few thoughts about it.
I have always wondered why churches and those attending church baptize at such a young age and actually why we baptize children at all. If we are not “allowed” to disobey our parents and their choices until we are 18 (technically) then why do we baptize as infants and small children.

I know that the catholic religion baptize infants and the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka “Mormon’s” note: not to be confused with the fundamentalist Mormon’s) baptize at age 8. I am not 100% sure on all religions I am just familiar mostly with these two.

Isn’t joining something suppose to be a choice (a human right)? What is the argument/reasoning around baptizing such small humans?

I was told when I was 8 that I was old enough to decide if this is what I wanted. Seriously? At the time I just did it because that is what you do, I never thought about doing anything different. I remember getting a big party out of it and some presents and that seemed very cool at that age, but honestly I did not really get the whole idea. I knew what the church told me “sins being forgiven” etc. what sins I had at age 8, but never really understood the “choice” part.

I am just curious to see what others think about this and the reasoning behind it? I personally (my opinion only) will let my children choose their religious beliefs and if they want to be baptized when they are an adult then so be it. If they ask me before they are an adult and mature enough to be able to think through it clearly I will simply tell them that they need to wait until they know for sure.

I share my beliefs with my daughter and will with my son as well. I do tell them what I know about God etc and hope that they will choose to believe as well but I do not want to be one of those parents that feel like I have failed in everything if they do not choose the same as I do. As long as they grow up to be good adults and do not hurt others intentionally and have a strong belief system and learn faith then I will know that I have accomplished something very amazing with my children.

I know this is a loaded post and I don’t want to offend anyone, and I am sure I will, but know that is not the case. I have asked this question so many times in the past and never really got a good answer from anyone rather than “that’s what we do.” Seriously, this is the church answer I got for years.

Anyone feel free to chime in!

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