Is Social Media sending you Negative Karma?

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I love social media, to a point. When Facebook first become popular it was so cool and fun to find people you haven’t seen in years and share your life with them. However, in my opinion, social media, Facebook especially is turning to a negative battle field and I hate it! Actually it may even be a better to title this blog post…”Facebook for Bullies!”

It is nice that everyone has different opinions. If we all had the same opinions and views then this world would be boring and we would not develop new views, ideas, and even technology as we do. That is the nice thing about America, is we get to have our own opinion. However Facebook and other social media has turned into a battle ground as people are using them as somewhere to hide behind and tear down everyone else that does not have the same opinion as they do.

Remember when you could actually sit down and have an adult conversation with someone and swap views. Remember when people could agree to disagree? What happened to this? Now 70-80% of my news feed on FB is ranting and raving and profanity. Someone posts a picture or status and within minutes it is filled with war! When someone does not have to face you face-to-face they sure can get mean and nasty. Why is it so hard to post your views without telling other people how stupid they are to have their views or that they are &^%$$^& idiots.

How many of you have been unfriend because you don’t have the same views as someone…I have. Here is the ironic thing…if I were to say to them…”I am going to unfriend you because you do not believe in this issue like me,” they would destroy me verbally online and tell me that I am a jerk etc. But because they are the ones saying it, it is OK because their views are more important? Ridiculous. This is a free country right?

So I have decided that I will NOT post any political views on FB or any social media anymore, especially during election season. I think it is naive to think that someone will actually change their views because of your rant and bitch session about certain views. Maybe a simple share of a link or article, but if you are nasty and judgmental all it will do is piss people off and take away from the message you share.

What is also real scary is that social media is where a lot of people will start and stop to for their opinion, and that is as far as their research goes. If you get your views only from word of mouth and rants on Facebook and forums than I feel bad for you. If you see something, go further than your friend’s mouth and social media share and actually visit the REAL web page and READ IT! Quit filling up my news feed with hate and profanity! I don’t believe that the starters of FB had this intent when they started their web site.

If you are my social media friend I will NOT unfriend you because your views are different than mine. I am your friend because I like you and appreciate you as a whole person. I WILL unfriend you if you fill up my newsfeed with trash talk and hate. Life is too short to hate. Everyone has a purpose and everyone is allowed to think for themselves.

I believe very strongly, that so much negativity and fighting will only bring negativity and fighting to your life. Law of attraction is huge in my life. The way we carry ourselves and how we respect others will only overflow into our own little world and our energy. I truly feel that if I voice my opinion in a positive way and non-bully way then I am open for change when I need to change and will be able to see people as who they are as a whole and not the little pedestal I put them on when I am mad and angry. Drama follows those who start it. I choose not to start it, especially on my social media web sites. I have better things to do.

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