Is the Bbbidi Bbbidi Butique worth the money?

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I have wanted to give my daughter the princess makeover in the castle at Disney for a real long time. Now that she was turning 6-years-old we figured it would be the absolute perfect age to do it.

They call it the Bibbidi Bobbidi Butique and you can either do it in cinderella’s castle or downtown Disney in Florida. The whole package cost about $200. you can get packages for less but after visiting the Disney Store and pricing their i figured it would cost about the same to just let her pick her outfit while we were at the park. So after being nervous about whether or not it was worth the money, we made it to Disney and her birthday was the big day to surprise her with the boutique.For us $200 is a lot of money but we figured it would just have to be worth it since she was turning 6-years-old and so into princesses right now.

Let me tell you…totally worth every penny!

They call the women that do the makeovers “Fairy God Mother’s in Training.” They play it up big time and my daughter sat in that chair in the castle for almost 90 minutes. They treated her like a true princess…everything was up to her. They called her princess, she picked her nail color, makeup, hair do etc. They did not ask the parents for anything. It was all about the princess. The price of the dress was about the same as buying it at the store in advance and way more fun for her to pick her own outfit there at the castle.

They give you a picture package afterwards and they print you up 5 pictures of 3 poses. Not a bad deal to be included in the price as well.

My daughter’s hair stayed in for 4-days. She dressed every day at the park in the new dress and the other 2 dresses I bought her for her birthday of EBay for half the price. The 5th day I simply put her hair in a bun.She looked fabulous.

I would do this again in a heart beat. Worth every penny!!! Even for someone who thinks $200 is a lot of cash to spend in a day. it was worth it to see how much she enjoyed it. Awesome job bibbidi bobbidi boutique! You made my princesses day…year!!!! It has been over 3-months and she still talks about it.

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  1. Terry says:

    How cute she looks all dressed up like a princess. I can remember my Granddaughter used to be into the Princess thing. She would of loved doing this.

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