It was not a Heart Attack…Thank Goodness!

I hope you will share!

This week I had some chest pains on Wednesday and they were bad enough that I admitted myself to the ER. I have NEVER had pains like that before even after, P90X, and Insanity, which I am doing right now. They were different and rather scary.

One test came back positive so they kept me all night and ran more tests. This scared me as I have heart disease ALL OVER both sides of my immediate family, from parents to grandparents so this left me very uneasy. Mind you I have lost about 70 pounds so I felt good about my personal risk factors as my body goes, but the genetics was scaring me.

All-in-all I came out fine. The doctor said to me…”Chest pains can be caused by many things other than the heart and when all the severe stuff (like heart attack) come out negative we cannot tell you what it was but rather…we don’t know.”

That is totally OK with me. I did NOT have a heart attack, it was something but not a heart attack.

Why does this fit into my coaching and my health journey? Well that is easy…Do you think that I would have been so lucky with my genetics if I would have had this attack 70 pounds ago or even 30 pounds ago? I really do not think so.

I think that there is a higher power somewhere, whether you believe in god or whatever it is that gives us ideas and thoughts for a reason. Then it is up to us to do what needs to be done to carry it out.

A couple years ago when I was down on my luck, depressed, bankrupt etc…a higher power gave me a thought and that thought was to get myself better. It was because I decided to ACT upon that thought that I have become the person I am today. I am 70 pounds less, I am happier (100% more), I am making some money and able to stay-at-home, my relationship with my husband is 100% better. I could go on and on.

The point of this whole message is to help you take a look and ask yourself…”when has this voice talked to me and did I listen to it or just brush it off?” Whether it is with your mental, physical or financial health, did you listen? I know I have not in the past, and I did back in 2009. I am heart attack free and plan on staying that way. I am becoming financially free and just plain Happy!

Let me help you get there too, no matter what your goal is…let me help you do that! If I can anyone can

Email me (via my contact tab) and tell me what your goals are and I can help you get there! I started coaching, free coaching, with Beachbody, because of my success and I want to influence others.

I hope the Holiday season finds you happy, well, and healthy, !

Peace and Love!

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I LUV Sharing!

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2 Responses to It was not a Heart Attack…Thank Goodness!

  1. Donna says:

    So glad it was not a heart attack! I am going through a personal journey myself. Check out my blog. I’m just getting started. Take care!

  2. Terry says:

    I for one am happy it wasn’t a heart attack. You better start relaxing more and put yourself first….. At least once in awhile.

    Love you!!

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