Jamie Oliver is my hero…

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I finally watched the preview of Jamie Oliver’s food Revolution and he has officially become my new hero. I support everything he is doing 100%.

I really hope that the US takes this education and incorporates the better food into our school system. We have way too many obese kids in our country and we definitely need to do something.

I would like to know who makes the guidelines for our schools meals because as I watch these episodes it just makes me cringe. First of all they tell him that even though he is serving brown rice with his meal, he needs to have a bread too? What…seriously. They then pulled out a bunch of white bread and served the refined sugar to the kids and this is supposed to be a healthy guideline? Please, this is ridiculous.

Another guideline that has potential to be good is that they do require 1 ½ cups a vegetables for each high school student. The school system actually counts French Fries as this vegetable. That is not a typo and I am still sitting here with my jaw to the floor saying, what the heck?

I would love to help America re-write their guide lines because the guidelines they have are “crap.” I really hope that Jamie has it in him to help change our screwed up nation and its eating habits.

Jamie I support you all the way!

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  1. Nikki and Ray says:

    My mom is the head of the lunch program at a elementary school in Provo, and the government is who regulates everything! They have the best lunches I have ever seen in a school, it's healthy and lots of choices of fruits and veggies. They have strict guidelines but I don't know about everywhere else. The fact is kids don't go to outside p.e. anymore just recess. It's the fast food that really does it, and like ya said in your other blog it is way more expensive to eat health. It's funny how the lunch ladies get offended by Jamie Oliver lol because my mom does too! They do take pride in what they do, ya gotta give them that 🙂

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