Just a random wonder today

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This is just one of those, why questions.  I was making some dinner and was out of fresh garlic so headed to the spice rack to get some dried garlic.  I opened the lid, on the wrong side first, and found these little small holes.  Now the garlic is pretty big slices and could in no way shape or form fit through that side.  I opened up the other side and that was better because it was one large hole.  My question is…..why even bother putting a lid on a bottle when it is only half useful?  Weird.  It is not a big deal but just one of those random thoughts and was wondering what the reason is.  Maybe they got these lids for real cheap or something.  Oh well!

You can see the size of the garlic slice on the right.  It is much too big to fit through the little holes on the right!

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