Keep ur 2-year-old busy for hours!

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My 2-year-old requires a lot of attention right now and it is hard to keep him busy for long. If the TV is on 24/7 that helps but I just am not going to give into 24/7 and phone and computer games.

We have had a piggy bank for him for awhile, well since he was born, but yesterday we opened a business account and the bank gave us 2 piggy banks for the kids, when we left. They both were very excited when we brought them home.

Today I was needing some time to get things done and my son found a “big penny” on the floor  (yes I know it’s a quarter, but who am I to argue with a 2-year-old) and he wanted to put it in his piggy bank.He kept putting this “big penny” in and out of the piggy bank for 10 minutes. Then it hit me…keep him busy longer.

I went and got his second piggy bank off of the dresser and a whole zip lock bag full of change. Needless to say, over 90 minutes later, this is him. Still a big smile on his face as he puts the change in and out of his two piggy banks.

How awesome is this? I have been teaching him the names of the change but he still likes the big penny. I guess a 25 penny is rather big so who cares right?

I wish my 6-year-old would still be entertained for hours with this. I may get 10 minutes out of her but hay, it helps while she is in school and my son is at home awake. My dishes are done before noon!

Have a good day.

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