Kids get cabin fever too…

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So I have blogged about having troubles with my 3 year old quite a bit lately and I noticed a change in her today and it made me think.
We have been cooped up in this house because of the snow for weeks. We have had more snow than usual this year and who wants to pack to young kids out in this cold snowy weather to go do things? Plus with all the flu that is going around it makes me more nervous.

However, my husband took my daughter out shopping with him and his Dad today and she had been whiny and horrible all morning long. It has been a night and day difference since she got home. She is so happy and not whiny it is like having a different daughter at home than I have had over the last few weeks.

This made me think that maybe my daughter was experiencing cabin fever just like us adults do. Maybe she just needed a change in environment from the hum drum house. I know that I get antsy and stir crazy when I am cooped up too long so why shouldn’t she? We will see if she is in a good mood the rest of the day and see if it lasts another day or so. If she is then I guess we just need to get out every few days so we don’t fight so much.

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  1. tawna6988 says:

    Since I posted this my daughter has gone out a couple more times with my in-laws and husband and it still has been a night and day difference with us during the day. She has been less whiny, still some whiny of course, but less.

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