Kids sizes are all messed up

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So I was trying desperately today to put some jeans on my son who is fitting nicely into 18 month clothes for Pj’s and shirts and any other pant but jeans.  Here are two pairs of his jeans that are BOTH 18 months

OK so these are not even close to the same size, right?  Ridiculous.  The ones on the left fell off of him and had to be rolled up twice and the ones on the right were so small I could not get them over his diaper.  I had a third pair of jeans and they fit perfect here they are

I did not get a picture before I put them on because I decided to blog about this after I got him dressed.  You that have kids can understand why I did not want to undress him.  Anyway guess what size these perfect fitting jeans are?  Ready…..12 months!  OMG this is so ridiculous!  I know that things cannot be exact but is there anyway we can at least be close?  This makes shopping so hard its ridiculous.  I have actually kept larger clothes for both of my kids and when they were in that size I take the clothes out and end up not being able to use a handful of them every time because they are too small.  Frustrating.

At least he looks cute and happy!

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3 Responses to Kids sizes are all messed up

  1. Crystal says:

    SO true! I have 4 boys…and a milllion different sizes in clothes. Thanx for visiting my blog! Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Aileen says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog "A Balanced State of Mind" and fanning my FB page! I've done the same!


  3. VandyJ says:

    Oh I hear you. Would it be so hard to standardize the sizes a little bit? Evidently so. drives me nuts hunting through the stores for clothes that will fit and not fall off or be so short he looks like he's waiting for the flood to come.

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