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IntroI am so happy to be able to review AND Giveaway another awesome scale from EatSmart Products!

First the review of the EatSmart Precision Pro DigitalKitchen Giveaway AND than enter to win this same scale (US only) on the rafflecopter form at the end of this post! How cool is that?!!

I have done a YouTube of this scale as well so you may either watch the review below OR click on the “read more” option, below the video, to read the review and then enter the giveaway! Good luck!

Now onto the written review and giveaway!


I got this scale 3-5 weeks ago as I was looking for a precise scale to measure my Fondant. I have dabbled in a bit of cake decorating and after receiving The MatFondant Mat - Best Tool to Cover Cake with Fondant, THE HOME MAT by Sweet Wise from I needed a scale to measure my Fondant so I did not have to roll it multiple times. The Mat had exact measurements so you know exactly how much you need for each size of cake.

The scale is so user friendly. There is a very distinct On/Off button and you simply press it and it only takes a second or two to zero out and you put your product on to measure.

TareThe “tare” option is another favorite of mine. What this option does for you is allows you to weigh your ingredients without having to do the math and minus out the plate or bowl yourself!

Another cool thing about this tare option is that you can use it multiple times. If you want to measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl BUT each one needs it’s own measure, then simply hit the tare button after each ingredient is put in and it will zero out. How cool is that?

There is more then one unit of measure on this scale. If you look into the picture you will see a “unit” button on the right. You can press this before or after you put your ingredients on the scale. You can switch as many times as you want too so if you hit the wrong unit, you don’t have to take the ingredient or food off of the scale and wait for it to zero out to measure the unit you want.

The units it measures are Grams, Kilograms, ounces, and pounds. I love this for mailing too. I send picture CDs of my kids to family as well as business mailings and this has saved multiple trips to the post office…a huge plus in the cold weather!

The scale comes with 2-AAA batteries and a manual to help you use the scale as well as a calorie guide. The manual small enough so it does not take up lot’s of storage room but has enough information in it to be a big help if you want to venture into calorie weighing.

I store this scale on the top of my Tupperware flour canisterTupperware One Touch Reminder Canister Set Red Seal. I don’t like to leave it on my counter because of my lack of counter space I feel it is too close to the sink and worry about water damage. It fit;s nicely on top of my canister so it does not take up anymore room. That is important for a smaller kitchen! Storage

Before I got this scale I had tried a few from Target, Walmart and even from a local grocery store. I have bought a handful over the last 15 years and this one is truly the best one I have used.

This scale from EatSmart is backed with a warranty and I believe it’s a 2-year warranty. It’s inexpensive to buy, works great, and with the warranty I really believe it’s a must have if you are a baker or if you send out a lot of mail!

Now onto the Giveaway! Good luck!


No mandatory entries…the more you enter the more chances to win!

If Rafflecopter is not showing up please try to refresh. I have e-mailed them and asked if they are having issues today as it is not loading for me…please come back and enter if it’s down…sorry:( And if it’s working then Good Luck!

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