Leading by example…aren’t they cute?!

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When it comes to leading a healthy life and having your kids lead a healthy life, it all comes down to one thing really…example!

I used to wait until my kids went to bed or school to workout and the last few weeks I have been working out while they are awake and home. See what happens when I do that…I get workout buddies, and how cute are they?

This is what else I have noticed since I have started working out with them at home.They will ask me when they get to workout with me, and all the time. Even my 2-year-old will say…”dance Mom, TV,” And he points to the TV. He and my daughter literally do more then half of the workouts with me before they lose interest. That is about 30-40 minutes. Not too bad for a 2 and 5-year-old attention spans.

It is really fun.

Now there are days that the 45 minute workout may take over an hour but that is part of being a Mom. I still get it in, but may have to take a break or two in order to get them what they need. The whole point is that I am finishing. Even though it is taking longer, I am not letting that frustrate me and quit. I just push pause and come back and wouldn’t you know it, the DVD picks right up where I left off. a huge reasons I love working out at home!

I have also noticed that my daughter talks a lot more about eating healthy. She says “Mom, I think I want a Healthy snack, can I have one?” This is so cool. I am going to continue to keep them as my workout buddies. When they are both in school full time I will just have to figure out when we can keep our family workouts going!

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