Looking for workout buddies, any takers?

I hope you will share!

Just sharing the P90X love and letting you know that P90X2 is available for only a few days. I so want to get this, and will! I really am looking for a small group of people that want to do this workout with me that are willing to chat about it viz facebook etc and compare results…any takers? I did the first P90X one and a half times. It was hard but I felt great, I so want to try two, who is with me? It is so much more fun when you have a team!

Here is a little video if you have no idea what I am talking about?

I am sure there has to be it least 5 people that want to do this with me? Anyone?
It is only available to purchase through coaches right now, so if you are itnterested, head on over to my coach website http://beachbodycoach.com/ashley6988

Oh and they are available on blue-ray too, sweet! Now you can see Tony and the gangs rippling muscles nice and clear!! LOL!


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I LUV Sharing!

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  2. Looks like a great work out!! Hope you get lots of people to work with.

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