Lost 28 pounds in 4 months…

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I never get on the scale. I have blogged before on how much I hate the scale. I especially hate it when I am working out because it does not give you accurate weight loss because when you gain muscle the numbers will not go down as much.

Today I fought with myself for about 40 minutes and then bit the bullet and hopped on to the scale. I had to be weighed at one of my last doctor’s appointments right before I started this journey around the end of November 2009. So it has been four months.

Here is what my numbers were from August-November 2009:

• Had a baby in august and my weight about 4 hours before I gave birth was 252 pounds. In November at my last appointment I was down to 224 pounds. I did not exercise at all and had toxemia and was on bed rest and an infected c-section scar. The weight loss was simply water loss from the pregnancy.

• Today I weigh 196 pounds. I am actually 8 pounds lighter then I was when I got pregnant last December. I was pretty excited to see the number go less than 200 pounds. I literally got on and off the scale 4 times to make sure it was right, whihoo!

I still have a lot to go but this does give me some more incentive and drive to keep doing what I am doing. I figure that by the time I go out of town for the summer near the end of June I could see another 20 pounds or so gone. This will make my whole summer and then some! Maybe by the end of the summer I will be at my goal weight. Not entirely sure the exact number but I know that for me anywhere from the 160-170’s is healthy for my frame and muscle size.

I really need to get a recent picture posted and will get one on here this week.

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2 Responses to Lost 28 pounds in 4 months…

  1. Nikki and Ray says:

    You're awesome girl! I started walking and watching what I ate and gained 10lbs what the crap! You inspire me though so I will keep a pluggin lol…

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    That is great! Yes, we need to see pictures. Looking forward to seeing you in the flesh this summer.

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